Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apple Pies and Friends

So, I first have to address that I survived the attack of the wild children's cold, but not before it turned into a deep barking cough last weekend. Luckily, a bottle of Mucinex helped me get through that. And currently I have just the tiniest remains of a little cough, but I feel much better.
However, in the meantime I have done lots of things. I have now taught several subjects at school. Jake and I dogsat for friends for 5 days last week. And last weekend I convinced Jake to go to Julian (a tiny town outside of San Diego known for apple picking, pies, and other types of "fallish" things). To say the least Jake did not really want to go, even though we were going with two of our closest friends, but when Jake got their and realized there was a candy store on every corner, he quickly changed his mind. And since he has actually already mentioned our next trip to Julian.
Before we left we went into an old fashioned Soda Fountain place, where I "did myself in" with way too sweet vanilla soda and a glass of sasparilla (mind you this was after I had eaten caramel apple pecan pie and visited several candy stores).
But regardless it was LOTS of fun!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

burning swollenness

So, it's already happened I've caught the bug.
No, not the baby bug. The little sick bug that kids pass back and forth, back and forth at school.
I was student teaching only through Wednesday (that's my new schedule Mon-Wed) and I woke up Friday morning with that terrible burning sensation in your throat that alerts you that sickness is up ahead. So, I have been trying to kill it for two days now with double daily doses of Airborne and vitamins and vitamin C and then throat numbing drops and Advil to take the ache in my throat away... So I'm not sure what it's gonna turn into or if it's possible thatI might have beaten it with all my herbs, but we will see. Tomorrow will probably tell. And honestly I can deal with a stuffy nose or even a cough, but that fire in your throat, just hurts and makes you want to cry.
Not to mention that I worked out really hard Thursday and Friday to make up for not working out for like the 10 days before that and I am sore all over now.

I will be glad when my body has adjusted to all this newness. But for now, I am off to try to catch some zzz's.

Yes, yes pictures are still to come.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RISE and SHINE (and give God the glory, glory) RISE and SHINE!!!

I know, I know I haven't really updated, but what can I say??? I get up at 5:30 in the morning now and this is something that has NEVER happened in my life. I mean yes, I have gotten up at 5:30 am for the occasional plane flight, Christmas morning as a child and...... and..... and really those are the only two reasons I can think of that I have ever gotten up that early.

So, needless to say I'm adjusting. I mean let me just tell you 5:30 is in a whole other league from 6 am. In fact it's nothing like 6 am, you never knew 30 minutes made such a difference, but it does. Luckily Jake gets up at 5:30 too, so I am not alone and I can feed off his energy. The only downside to this is he is a morning person. SO, he's all poking me and being loud and doing all these things that normal people don't do at 5:30, but that he does because he's been getting up at that time for years.

And let me just say, I'm not mean in the morning. I'm really not even grouchy. I don't even need coffee to be nice. I'm just quiet and I want everyone around me to be quiet too. And for all the people that read this, YOU KNOW I am not quiet at any normal time in the day, but I think there is a certain reverence that 5:30 in the morning deserves.

So, like I said I'm adjusting, but luckily I actually haven't been tired (besides the first 5 torturous minutes that occur right after I wake up), but after that I have totally been good to go. And let me tell you this is a good thing because the kid's in my first grade class are definitely ready to go when school starts at 7:40am.

And I already have one child I want to adopt the smallest first grader EVER Jenny Tran , so cute and I want one just like her) too bad she is Asian and this will be fairly difficult to produce from my own loins.
I WILL DEFINITELY try to post pictures from school later this week....

with love!!!
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