Friday, October 24, 2008

I almost forgot....

After all the fun we had in Chicago... I forgot to tell you that they lost our luggage. Mind you, we got there Friday afternoon for a formal event on Friday evening and then the wedding on Saturday evening. This was of course the WORST possible trip for them to lose our luggage on. So, of course I am freaking out... so we go to customer service and the "best possible thing" in this "worse case scenario" has luckily happened. For whatever reason they didn't load our luggage on our flight, but they realized it and put it on another flight out. So, it was already in process when we went to talk to her.
So, we get up to the counter and I am explaining that I HAVE to have my luggage TONIGHT, no questions asked. I am only here for 2 days and I am not going to go without luggage for one of them. So, like I mentioned before she tells us that our luggage is in passage... And then she says, "ok so when it gets here- within a window of 4 to 6 we will bring it to you". This is at 3 and the luggage is going to get here at 5:30 and then it's gonna take 4 to 6 hours. NOT! So, of course Jake and I wasted our first afternoon in the airport in Chicago waiting for our luggage, so we'd have something to wear to the party. I was so bummed we left @ 4 am only to have a long flight with a layover and then MORE WAITING. As soon as we got our luggage we sped to the Drake Hotel and then got ready in a whirlwind for the party at 8. I captured a moment on video, while we were waiting... Please don't be offended at Jake's commentary.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

An affair to remember

Ok, so as promised here are a few photos from the ever crazy wedding of our amazing friends Justin and Meghan. I will give you just a few photos that I think best sum up everything that happened.

A picture before it all started with friends. Looking so fancy!

The gorgeous ceremony

All the San Diego Coast Guard guys with Meghan.

Right when we walked into the reception.

Our table.

And this is our gold plated place setting

And of course this is the after party. With the hot pink lights, separate room, more food, waterfall and DJ. Not sure what the guys were laughing about.

Oh and did I mention we ate lobster and filet mignon? And that was like our 5th course? I didn't take pics of the food, cause I didn't want to seem too HillBilly. :)
And the last thing I leave you with, is the CRAZY, AMAZING cover band that played
for 3 hours. At the end of the video I am talking to my best friend, Britt cause I took the video for her. :) What a great night!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Search for A Dress

This blog is literally like 2 weeks old, I just have not had time to upload my photos and talk about it, so here we go.
Jake and I last weekend went to the million dollar wedding of some of our friends. The affair was extremely formal and long dresses were the requested attire. Even though I have been a bridesmaid 7 times, Jake quickly shot down all the formal dresses I had but one, and I am not lying. The one he still liked I wore to freshman prom. Shows how much I've changed right! :) Ha, so anyway, Jake had rented a tux and SHOCKINGLY suggested maybe we go look for a dress for me too. So, we went to BCBG (a very upscale clothing store, that has tons of dresses usually in like the $300 dollar range). But amazingly we have the outlet version 30 min from our house. So, Jake and I made an afternoon of it. I first I started out with the pretty $50 and $80 dollar dresses, but Jake was like "what the heck babe", we're never going to a wedding like this again. Let's look at some of the really nice dresses. After this he was bringing me dresses by the armloads to try on. I tried on like 20, but only took pictures of a few. Of course the dress I chose was the LAST dressed I tried on, and it was perfect. I will post pictures of me actually wearing it at the wedding later. :) So, here is the search for a dress.

This first one is the dress from the freshman prom, the one I was planning to wear. :) The rest are at BCBG

This was the dress I finally picked. I loved it! I know I'm not looking to hot in these pics, but I didn't expect to be taking pictures either. :)
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