Sunday, December 21, 2008

ba hum bug

So, Jake and I had a wonderful Christmas vacation planned starting today... We got up at 5:30am ready for a day of jolly holiday travel to meet Jake's family in TN. However, Chicago O'Hare airport had another plan in mind. There plan was that they would cancel all our flights and trap us in their dirty airport that barely even has a foodcourt. So, thank you O'hare for really sticking it to us this holiday season.
And of course Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

December's Hustle N Bustle

Ok, so sadly I only made it to Thanksgiving on my last post. It's only December 18th, but so much has happened. Jake's birthday was December 4th. I wanted to throw him a huge out of control surprise party that he would verbally say he hated, but I think secretly love. However, seeing that I didn't get back til CA until like the 28th and I had some of the biggest projects of my semester due the first and the third that didn't happen. Instead we had a few simple friends over and made homemade pizza. If Jake would have gotten to choose, I'm sure he would have holed up in our apartment and played video games all day, but since he does that practically every other day of the week-- I invited friends.

December has been so crazy. I've been trying to finish up all my big projects, while student teaching full time and finishing up night classes. I turned in my last big project last night and it was liberating! Tomorrow is my last day of student teaching and I am a little bit sad. The kids all wrote me goodbye letters today, telling me how much they loved me and thanked me for making them "smarter". I know I said I was gonna post pictures of them, but then my master teacher started talking about the legal issues of posting pictures of the kids online. I'm gonna take a few more pics tomorrow and maybe one will make it's way onto my blog.

Somehow in all that mess, I've been sloppily trying to do some Christmas shopping too. Jake and I are leaving for Tennessee on Sunday too and I still have about 100 things to do. So, hopefully sometime before the new year I'll sneak one more post in... By the way, can you believe it's like 10 days from 2009? Scary.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Second blog in two days... I know, impressive :)

Ok, so I told you last post I went to Austin on my way to Dallas and we had a little shindig, at my good friend Jordan's house... It was super fun, but Austin was just a stop on my trip. So, the next day we packed up to drive to Dallas to go to Crysti Wallace's wedding. But of course I forgot my camera, so I only have pictures of the reception. It was such a great time! I saw people I literally hadn't seen in like 5 years. Tons of people that moved away years ago, all came back for there wedding so it was good fun!!!

After the wedding I spent the rest of my time hopping all over Texas visiting family and friends. I spent Thanksgiving with my family and a lot of the rest of the week with Brittany and her family and some other great friends. I did drive down to Bryan, TX (3 hrs away) to see my other grandparents one day and that was quite fun too. Amidst all this I managed to lock my mom's keys in the trunk (while she was in Hawaii and couldn't help). I saw the movies Twilight and 4 Christmases. I ate Thanksgiving dinner like 3 times. Made two pies. Laughed and stayed up all night. Did no homework. Got a TX driver's license, cause I can't pass the test in California. Went to church. Drove about 1000 miles across TX. And missed Jake a lot because he wasn't along for the fun....

Here are some pics!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm still a blogger...kinda

I know... I know.... I'm like the worst blogger ever, but really I have been tragically busy. Even right now, I absolutely should not be on here. I have like 10 things on my to do list today. Including a 20 page project about my case study child, that really should have been completed like 5 days ago. But I've lost complete motivation to work this weekend, (that's right I started this post on the weekend and it's Tuesday and I still haven't posted) but I'm stalling....
So, I am gonna back track and post a few blogs to catch everyone up. After my birthday I visited TX to go to the wedding of my good friend Crysti Wallace. But I first flew into Austin and visited one of my childhood bf's (Jordan)and then we drove up to Dallas and went to the wedding together!!

Here's are some pics of the night I spent in Austin...

More to come... I promise
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