Thursday, January 22, 2009

Occasionally Ellen cracks me up

The funny stuff starts at 25 seconds.

Hat History

Even though it was the Chief Justice who messed up on the words. I thought this was hilarious!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I really didn't think this would be my first post of the new year and sadly I apologize that it is. I just haven't had much inspiration to blog and my sister-in-law Rebecca already posted all of the good pictures from our Christmas trip to TN. :) However, my mom did visit last week and soon enough a few pics will have to go up about that. It's kind of funny being on myspace and facebook and blogging, I've found that if I talk about something on one avenue, I won't talk about it on another. So, i posted all my pictures from Christmas on myspace and then I posted all the pictures from my mom's trip on photobucket, so she could snag em and she put them on facebook. Which leaves me with less motivation to blog about it myself.

I actually will not being having internet for the next TWO WEEKS, because Jake and I are finally getting cable. I assume you know that as of next month TVs will no longer work unless they are digital, or you have cable or you get a converter box. So, Jake and I decided to get cable and it was a huge mess and really a hassel (including the 2 wks of no internet) and then I read this article in O Magazine about simpler living and not getting things you don't need. So, after talking to the cable company for a whole week, trying to work something out. I told Jake, we don't really need cable. So, the day they are finally gonna get our order in, he cancels the whole thing. We decide to get a converter box and live with the few channels we have. Well after we go to the store and buy the converter box and Jake spends a good deal of time getting it all set up. We discover the converter box has eliminated all our channels, with the exception of TWO!!! Well, needless to say we freaked out and called the cable company right up and decided to get cable AFTER ALL. I mean I can live with like 6 channels, but if I don't have ABC and FOX then I just refuse. :) SO, I'm not exactly sure why we have to go without internet for 2 weeks, but they assured us we did and there was no way around it. So, I will be back in February, unless I get some inspitation to blog via my iPhone... we'll see!!! :)

But the REAL purpose of this whole blog was to post my TAG. Rebecca tagged me to post the 5th picture in the fifth folder from my computer. So embarrassingly here goes...

This was taken by Sarah Spellman (a dear friend) when she took my senior pictures for college. Gladly this outfit did not make the final cut, considering it looks like I
have some real junk in the trunk. :)
However, since this is a tag. I tag Lori and Tiffany (if you read my blog soon) you need to post your own fifth picture, from your 5th folder and give a reason. Sorry Lori, I know you already did one of these. You can skip out if you want! :)
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