Friday, April 24, 2009

Tricks are for kids (and cats)

This video is a little slow, but if you wait it out you'll catch about three good pyscho cat jumps to make you laugh!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a little kitty post

Ok, so everyone pretty much knows that Jake and I now believe we have two children in the form of our cats. So, I have to post a few classic pics that have occurred as of recent.

The first is my cats in the bathtub. Which isn't that big of a deal except that they got in while I was still in the shower (well Emily gets partially in, Charlie stays in between the two curtains) because he's not quite the daredevil that Emily is. And here you have it folks, cats that actually like baths.

Can you see Emily playing with the water dripping from the faucet??

And in the next picture, we have a classic "where is Emily story?". It happened like this. Me: Jake can you see Emily? I can't find her. Jake: Nope, she hasn't been out here (in the livingroom). So, I get up and start looking and what do I find?

Let's zoom in on that.

That's right she's crashed out on top of the clothes, at the top of our closet and probably been up there for like an hour. :)

Did I mention that we had to put child locks on all our kitchen cabinets because Emily figured out how to lay on her back and open them. Ya, we did.

In other news. I turned in my 40 page science project today. I have a 30 page one for Social Studies due tomorrow. And my 50+ page literacy one next week. And then I'll actually have a life again. For now!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Holidays are always more fun with kids. I think this is in part why I surround myself with children, because you have an excuse to do cheesy stuff like dye eggs or put fake grass in a basket and eat candy. I actually did dye some eggs, with the help of my in-laws (while my husband sat out and laughed at me). He won't be laughing in a few years when the children we have demand that he participate as well.
Well, today I got to tell the kids I teach at The Rock Church, that while I LOVE me a good Easter Egg Hunt and some dyed eggs, my favorite part of Easter is the Resurrection. The Blessed Hope of our salvation and the reason that I live with Hope. And the reason they can live with hope too, puts things in perspective a bit. (Though I'm not gonna lie we do still pass out candy at the end of service), they're kids what can I say?
But it's fun!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

L.A.'s Cupcake CouTOUR

So, it all started with this little magazine entry that I saw in a Bon Appetit magazine over a year ago. In the left hand corner you'll see it says Cupcake Couture like as in haute little gourmet cupcakes all over LA. Well, my mind of course went flashing right to a cupcake TOUR like my title says. And I of course told my husband baby this is what I want for my birthday and he said, "ok, ok whatever you want" well my birthday came and he was like, "I don't wanna go". And I said OK, what about for our anniversary and he agreed. I love cupcakes and he loves cupcakes, but I don't think he wanted to drive all over LA for them, but I got his word, so bygosh we were gonna do it. Our 1 yr anniversary is actually next week, but since he is out of town and conveniently I had spring break this week, here we are! We're off on a cupcake tour. We ate at 5 places and passed a few others, but they weren't on the tour, so we didn't stop. :) I've kindly documented them for you here. I know the pics are kinda crummy, but I forgot to charge my camera, so I had to use my phone.

Couture, not coutour, but I couldn't help myself

9 in the morning and we're off...

First stop Violet's Cakes kinda quaint we gave it 3 and 1/2 stars out of 5

Now on to Dot's in Pasadena, so cute and I love their box. I ate pina colada and gave it a 4, Jake gave it a 3.

The culprit that started it all Sprinkles, they have one in Dallas and I got hooked.

And this was the line out the door, not to mention the 8 people inside. The "line" is legendary there.

Then to Santa Monica for Yummy Cupcakes.

They weren't so yummy, we split one and the icing was TOO sweet. We gave it a 2.

On to Vanilla Bake Shop- the only photo I could get of my husband.

This place was SO cute, they served mini cupcakes seen below and sold t-shirts that said "Real Men Eat Cupcakes" I loved it. Jake said he wouldn't wear it if I bought it.

This place was definitely a 4 or 5. Yum!

And then we drove in traffic all the way home. The End!!!
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