Monday, June 22, 2009

Double the Fun

As if becoming an aunt once in one week wasn't enough. I actually became one twice. My cousin and sister-in-law Brooke had her little boy Aiden David on Saturday afternoon and he is just adorably sweet!
The man of the hour!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Best Deal Ever

Have you guys ever heard of this company E.L.F ( makeup? Well I just did for the first time, and according to reviews etc, they sell upscale makeup for about a $1 a piece. That's right I said $1. I just got 13 items for $18 plus shipping and some free entire mini makeup package. I got blushes, cream blushes, nail polish, lipgloss with spf, brushes, bronzers. It seems like a serious steal, I'll have to let you know how everything turns out.

So, I got the stuff in the mail and while stuff was a little smaller than most normal sized products, I would definitely say the stuff is not bad for $1 each. The lipstick doesn't stay on super long, but I love the all over face color- I use it as a cream blush, which are hard to come by and of course painted my toes right away, and they look great! The brushes are really nice too, definitely worth $1.

All the stuff I got for 18 bucks

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sibling Love

And speaking of sibling love, my little nephew Christian got a new little sibling as well yesterday.

Welcome to the world Logan Gabriel!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Experimental Baking

Many know that I love to bake, but I also did not any way grow up with a mother who had this love. I think the first pie we ever had at Thanksgiving, I made and I am not joking. We often went somewhere else for holidays, it just wasn't my moms idea of fun. So, for all those girls out there who ever saw there mother make a flaky pie crust from scratch or anything from scratch for that matter, I did not have that luxury.
In fact Jacob's sister Rebecca has a funny story where when she went to college some friends wanted to make brownies and she said, "no that's too much work" because she didn't know about boxed brownies. She couldn't believe Nancy (my mother-in law) had never told her. Well, I am on the opposite end of the spectrum, I don't think I knew brownies could be made from scratch until I was a teenager and to this day, I don't think I've ever made them from scratch. Why would you want to? From a box, they take 25 minutes and 3 ingredients- add some extra chocolate chips and you have simple decadence.
Anyhow, I've regressed.

As I've gotten older and also met my husband (whose mom doesn't make brownies from a box) I've started trying to bake a bit more from scratch myself. Well on Jake's parents two month stay out here in San Diego, she of course spoiled him rotten with homemade goodies, that he now wants me to replicate.
So, I've tried and today we have a picture of some lovely blueberry and cherry turnovers, not anything like Nancy's, but pretty dang good for my first try.

And you can't just make one dessert on a baking kick, so I also made Cherry Bombs, the most AMAZING cherry sorbet ice cream with frozen chocolate covered cherries inside compliments of Woman's Day Magazine. See here to make your own cherry goodness.
My husband licked the plate, so I must have done something right. (I won't add in that he's very easy to please.)

Ya, I know I probably could have taken the picture before we ate and I let them melt, but at least there's a photo. :)
P.S. Make the cherry bombs, add a little less sugar though. With love!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My life is like....

My favorite summertime snack. Mmm, Mmm Delicious!
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