Thursday, December 31, 2009

The post to end all posts

Well, at least the post to end all the posts for 2009. I haven't given up my blogging days yet.
I thought I would commemorate 2009, by remembering some of my accomplishments. Maybe you will remember them too??
I know the slideshow speed is like on turbo, but I couldn't figure out how to slow it down. If anyone knows please tell me the secret

Happy New Year Friends!!

Wasn't this a cute idea??

Click pic to read the mugs.

Cute little mugs that had catchy sayings about every occupation that ever existed. Including (but not limited to) TWO distinct mugs for stay at home moms. One about a soccer mom (Rebecca) and the other about the desperate, but adorable housewife (Brooke). We bought these for Jake's side of the family. Even one for a man in retirement (Dad).
But apparently the U.S. postal service did NOT like my mug idea and decided to break two. Even though I bubble wrapped and stuffed the boxes with poofy stuff.
Well, this one of those occasions where people would say, "it's the thought that counts right?"

I wish that were true.... One more blog to come in 2009.

Christmas 09'

So, about one hour into my arrival in Dallas. I realized I forgot my camera. :( ME? I never forget my camera, but I did. So, I'm going to steal a few photos from my mom to sum up what happened.

It all started with us arriving on Sunday only to be bombarded by a huge family gathering within just a few hours of arriving.

But all the while these 2 brothers had really been scheming a plan for the other Stall family to make a visit to Dallas.

So, in the midst of that large family gathering my husband abandoned me for what felt like hours without explanation only to arrive back with this little guy.

Jake also for the first time didn't act as if the baby was made of glass.

We then had many good times, including a wild christmas cookie party...

Which resulted in this mess (from my husband). The 20 pretty cookies I decorated did not make my mother's facebook album. Jake decorated 2 and they both made the album, please explain that mother when you get a chance....

Texas also got it's first white Christmas in like 80 years while we visited. And the day before it snowed it was 75 degrees (I think that could only happen in TX). So, Christmas day we got to make one of these.

We then spent lots of time with fabulous friends, though I have no pictures to prove it. So, I stole one other photo from my good friend Misty. (AND IF ANY OF MY OTHER FRIENDS OR FAMILY WOULD HAVE POSTED THEIR PHOTOS IN A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME, I WOULD HAVE MORE PHOTOS, BUT I DON'T...) (hint, hint Brooke!)

And one photo for the road... Jake wanted it to be known, that THIS also only happens in Texas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I finally attached my camera to my computer and WOOPS, did I miss a few blog posts I meant to write about, so here goes. Better late than never.

As a child my church celebrated Operation Christmas Child a program with Samaritan's Purse that gives a shoebox full of stuff to kids in 3rd world areas.
So, this Christmas Jake and I had already given to our local homeless shelter and he wanted to give a slew of toys to something and was talking about Toys for Tots or something of the like. And here's the deal. I know that there are people in need in America, but I also know that most of those kids truly do not know "need" like so many others around the world.
The types of families that toys go to here in San Diego are low income (below the poverty line) kids, like kids I teach. And while I'm sure they may have gone without once or twice in their life, most of them without fail ALWAYS have the newest Hannah Montana backpack and folders and sometimes cell phones. Not to mention I KNOW they get free breakfast and lunch at school.

So, I told Jake nah I don't want to give to that. I'm going to look up some information about this thing I used to do years ago called Operation Christmas Child. While it's not WIDELY supported in San Diego. We had to drive 30 minutes for a drop-off location. I know that the kids getting the shoe boxes really may have nothing, and when you get the box you also get the gospel. So, Jake and I had a blast at the dollar store and Walmart and filled up 10 boxes. I took a few photos so you could join in the fun!

Toothbrush and candy- the perfect combo!

The cats were stalking all the new toys. Emily confiscated a rhino animal and was about to shake it to shreads before we caught her. Apparently, they like the dollar store too.

Lest you think I have no Christmas Spirit....

Here are some pictures of my lovely tree.
I'd like to show you some of the lights on my house, but I don't think you'd be very impressed with my balcony that is 3 feet wide.
However, I am SO excited for Christmas and being home in Texas where it's cold.
We actually had the most rain San Diego has gotten in like 100 years last week, and it was awesome for the Christmas mood. But it's back up to 73 tomorrow and that just somehow kills it.

To Christmas Cheer!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Remember those knock-off boots I mentioned a few blogs ago that we were waiting for Target to restock? Well, they never got restocked (even online) and I was getting impatient. So, thanks to some wonderful family members. I had some extra birthday $$ and I bought what I would consider the "hybrid". The ones I posted before were the luxury vehicle. The ones from Target would have been the "economy car" and I got the hybrid.
Thank you Cathy Jean for putting your boots on sale from $159 to $79 so that I could buy them for my birthday! Woohoo

After all that, I think I might actually like mine better anyway. ;)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

No, he doesn't like birthdays.

This my delicious chocolate orange cake. (Yes, I made that).

And this is my husband eating that cake in celebration depression of his birthday. Delicious!
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