Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 words

stomach virus = horrible

horrible teacher (who went to school) with a stomach virus = could mean contaminated children.


Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, this is kind of embarrassing to admit but Jake and I had his childhood dresser in our bedroom up until 6 days ago...
And we didn't have just one dresser from his childhood, we actually had two. On top of that we didn't actually have a bed (in the sense of having a frame or headboard). We more had a mattress and boxspring on top of this metal thing that might have been considered a frame ( but in the loosest sense of the term).
However, that's all changed now. But not without a little work.

It started with an ad from the Navy Exchange furniture store boasting a picture of a nice bedroom set for $699 in a lovely color. The picture was so convincing that I drug my husband to the store that night, but we got their and much to our dismay the set was dismal, lacking and had small strange holes in cheap wood.

So, I started browsing around and found this one set I loved, but it was strangely sitting on the showfloor without a headboard or baseboard. So, we inquired about it and the line had been discontinued. Strangely enough, while they had ALL the other pieces in inventory, they had actually sold every single bed including the model. So, we walked away and said we would keep looking. I began browsing online, but we somehow found ourselves back at the NEX looking at that same set, with Jake this time on a mission to find us a bed that matched somewhere in that store. Low and behold he found one on clearance for super cheap. So, with that- 10% off for signing up for a NEX credit card and NO TAX later we had a set with a bed, dresser, mirror, 2 night stands AND a chest for a very reasonable price.

However, the men came to our house 2 days later and all they had was this
bed and this chest

and this box with a mirror in it,

but no dresser to set it on top of. So, we called up our peeps and they finally delivered this 2 days later and even gave us some $$ back.

I know what you're thinking... this doesn't even all fit in our room and you're right (one night stand is still in it's box in my foyer), but we'll be moving with the CG soon enough and it wont' be to an 800 sq ft apt. So, we're preparing for a size increase....
And I think it looks quite nice, if I do say so myself!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

If you didn't hear...

It's been quite cold and rainy in San Diego. Even Charlie had to bundle up...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

And her shelf overflows.....

This is only HALF of my cookbook stash. NO EXAGGERATION, AT ALL!! Out of all of these I have probably only purchased one myself. So, the question is do people think I am hopelessly unable to cook and bake and need lots of guidance?
Or do people think I'm such a foodie, I want every book ever written about food?
Or none of the above (enter your own reasoning for this).

The funny part is that I get several cooking magazines in the mail as well. And mostly I get my recipes from there. One day, when I open my bake shop. I'm sure I'll need all those books to choose from.
But for now my shelves really do overflow...
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