Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cupcake's Nemesis

So, my mother asked me in my last post cupcake post, "with all the food you bake how do you stay so skinny?" Now, lest you think I am quickly becoming a fatty (which maybe I am), I actually do do something to combat all the cupcakes I eat. Yoga.
I don't know if I've ever actually mentioned this before, but I actually go like 3-5 times a week. Which is really something because for my entire life I have notoriously sucked at working out. I've tried off and on, but it stems from the fact that I'm fairly uncoordinated. My mom has a favorite story about how when I was 2 yrs old at the mommy and me gymnastics class I wouldn't jump off the box cause I was scared. Which would have been nothing except that my mom had been an elite gymnast and I think she actually coached the class. The fact that she had an uncoordinated wuss for a daughter was appalling to her. Now, I'm not saying I do not enjoy athletic things, I do, but usually I try to do solo type sports because people can get pretty mad when you're on their team and you're not good.
Suffice to say after doing yoga for like 8 months I've actually gotten pretty good at it. I'm no Rebecca (my amazingly in shape and coordinated sister-in-law who does triathlons AND yoga). However, below I've posted a few moves that I can do. These types of poses are a small part of the type of vinasa yoga I do through CorePower, but they are a fun part! Just today I actually mastered going from crow's pose to a headstand and then back to crow's pose without tipping over! I guess I've moved on from being scared of the box.

crow's pose

side crow's pose

tripod headstand

So, mom that is how.... That and the fact that I send 80% of the cupcakes to work with Jake so I won't eat them all. Cause those orange dreamsicle ones were so good, I would have just kept on eating!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love arugula

This last Christmas my friend Sara bought me this food magazine

and I must say.... I am OBSESSED.
I love this magazine. Every single recipe I've tried from this magazine has been fantastic. And I get at least 3 food magazines a month, so that is saying a lot. Sometimes you get a magazine and only actually think 1 or 2 recipes look good, but not this one.

One ingredient Food Everyday loves and I happen to love too is arugula.

A wonderful nutty, spicy type lettuce that is good as salad, herbs or in anything. The only downside is The Commissary (my grocery store) doesn't sell it. So, I have to make an extra trip to get it, but I gladly do...
This brings me to the reason I post today: Mushroom, Proscuitto and Arugula Quesadillas. Oh Yea!

The recipe was actually really cool. They give you 3 meals with the same ingredients.

With ingredients like these, how can you go wrong?

Crisping to perfection

Eating to perfection!

I actually ate these two days in a row, and they were so good. Jake said too many onions, but he always says that. So, I just don't listen to him. Some other recipes we've enjoyed from this magazine, sticky wings, an AMAZING combination for orzo pasta that we've had as a side like 10 times, some stir fries, turkey lettuce wraps, cherry and blueberry (easy) turnovers. And this was only from 2 magazines. Bottomline if you like food, get this magazine. Martha would approve. XO

Friday, February 12, 2010

Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes

YES PLEASE!!!!! I love you orange zest. :)

Week 1

Don't zoom in too close, but here is what I made at my first sewing class.

Now, my teacher is sweet but VERY scatter brained, so I cannot say how thankful I am for all the class returnees who actually taught me to sew this project. There are a handful of people who know how to sew but continue to come to this class because it's the only night that works for their schedule. They obviously weren't making these bags.... but they were teaching me how to thread my sewing machine. Let's just say 70 students is a little big for one teacher. While, my line is definitely not perfect. I will say it was slightly easier than I had imagined. So, the journey begins....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sewing for Dummies

I think that's what they call the sewing class I started taking this last Monday for FREE at the local continuing education site... Or is it Sewing Fundamentals?
Ahh, ya maybe that's what it's called.
Either way the teacher said if you don't know what a bobbin is or how to thread a sewing machine, you're in the right place. I thought to myself well good, because the only time I've heard the word bobbin was at a Fall Festival once when people were "bobbin' for apples".
However, in one class I mastered sewing straight on paper. And next week I actually get to make something (out of fabric) which should be both frightening and delightful at the same time.
By the end of it all, I'll supposedly know how to hem my pants and make a dress. We'll see how all that works out. But regardless I'm excited. I was less excited when I saw the supply list that consisted of like 50 items.
But if I turn out to be any good at this, I might be making my own napkins or drapes or something, which would be nice. The saving grace is I'm going with a friend. So, at least I'll have someone to laugh at all "MY" failures with me. I think she's gonna be quite good, she has some background knowledge. She knew what a bobbin was. At least one of us did.
I'll let you know how it goes!
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