Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sangria and Sparkles Party

I love how easily things can transform from mess and dishes

And some ingredients in a bowl

To Perfection...
(Props to my sis in-law Rebecca for finding this specific recipe of perfection.

The jewelry/goodbye party went great. As you can see from the pics, we played some serious dress up. Which is fun because these things happen less in your adulthood. :)

And actually, I didn't know this at first, but if any of my blogger friends are interested in ordering a piece from this fabulous collection, you actually can and it can still go to my party til Friday. So, if any of you are interested take a peek at
Then in the right corner, there is a spot to find your hostess, you input my name and your order goes to my party. There is some cute stuff, so check it out!
Actually it was interesting, cause my friend Ann kept having me try on different pieces, some that I never would have picked out myself and now they have been added to my wishlist, cause they were so amazing.

The one thing this party did that I did not like, was it forced me into the realization that the end is near. I will have to say goodbye to all my friends. I knew this, from the beginning, but the truth still hurts.
For now! XOXO

doesn't this just make you think of summer??

Let the BBQ's begin!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What better reason to party

Than to say goodbye. Remember when I posted my blog about the jewelry company a few blogs back. Well, I am gonna host a party. It will be a half goodbye party and a half "test party" for how I feel about Stella and Dot. I sent out the cutest evite, with this little picture in the background.

I've actually gotten a pretty good response, I'm sure partially cause all my girls want to get together one last time, but we'll see how it turns out.
I LOVE TO HOST PARTIES, in another life, my richer life, I think I might have actually gone into some kind of business where you help people do this. The thought of making punch and goodies and sangria and decorating and cleaning, well... I really just love it.
This is why I need to move into my house, because 850 square feet is not conducive for parties.

Speaking of houses.... once the people get our overnighted papers later today, we will officially own ours!!! Lots of craziness has ensued!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is why...

THIS (yes, 1st click on the article and it's somewhat graphic), but this is why I wait like 6 months to tell non-Christians how active of a Christian I really am. I live my life. I let them see how I respond to the real world. Most of the time my friends and co-workers know I go to church, but I let my testimony speak for itself. So, that they will respect and take my opinions seriously. And then if I have a more conservative opinion on something, hopefully people won't lump me in, with the above.

Honestly, I followed up on several links related. In one George says he didn't know Lucien was a prostitute til midway through his trip. In messages on facebook to the press he said he knew he was and he was actually undercover witnessing to him and how can you witness to people unless you find the "lost". And yet he doesn't deny he met him on rentboy. I just have no words, why do you cast the first stone, when you have sin among you?

Yes Please!

A couple of friends of mine sell jewelry for this line called Stella and Dot. It's a new wave of a home based business that sells darling jewelry through "trunk shows" also known as home parties. I'm really not much for home parties, but I love this jewelry. And it's very different than past similar companies, cause there is NO MINIMUM BUYING. You can do it if you want or you can not. You get what you put into it. With the ease of buying online and the ability to connect through the internet, this business model allows for things that didn't exist 10 or 20 years ago, when other companies did things like this.

I have been wavering about whether I want to take part in it because the price point for me, is just a teensy bit too much and I know most people I know live in a similar economic manner. Now, I've bought pieces, so I'm not saying it's not affordable. But if you're not a mid-range price shopper, you would think it's too much. Now on the flip side if you want beautiful jewelry that won't break after a few wears, then it's worth it.
The questions bears do you buy 20 pairs of cheap $4 earrings at Charlotte Rousse, or 2 pairs that will be beautiful and last from Stella and Dot?

Well, of course some people say buy the nice ones that will last, but truth be told I have a very similar looking beautiful bracelet (to the one above) that I instead have to super glue once a week, cause a piece falls off.
Since I feel I can't completely answer that question for myself AND BECAUSE I AM MOVING AWAY from all my wonderful friends who might be interested, I'm not gonna do it right now. But I'm not saying I'm not gonna keep it in mind. The company is 4 years old and grew like 700% last year. I actually found out about the line, when I saw a piece of "to die for jewelry" in a magazine that I absolutely "had to have". But then I saw the price and realized maybe I didn't need it after all. I think it's what the company calls a "statement piece".
But my girlfriend who sells for them has a full-time job AND a kid and somehow makes $2,000 a month with this company. And she really only spends like 12 hrs a week. If that was the case, I could buy that "statement piece" after all.
But in the mean time maybe I'll just host a party for her, since I know the hostess gets free jewelry and then I won't have to spend AFTER all!
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