Saturday, August 14, 2010

All in a day's work...

The progression of a lamp. Well 2 actually. I somehow majorly scored yesterday at the Goodwill. I went in looking for a lamp or pair of lamps. I was aware that finding a pair I would actually like would be slim, but I need lamps all over my house, so I just started looking... I found this one and was in love and then in a totally different section I found it's brother.

The best part was the price, minus my military discount. Woohoo!

Today I got to work with some spray paint, my new best friend. From several other blogs I've read I knew priming with primer spray paint is a good idea... And for $3 bucks at Walmart, I could agree...

After priming it looked like this... I had planned to paint the lamps yellow, but had second thoughts when white was looking so good. I tried them out in the room and stuck with the original plan.

I forgot to take pretty pics in the daylight, because I was in such a rush to put it all together, but here is what we have now... You might be wondering about this room, with turquoise walls and soon enough I will show you this place too.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kitchen Re-do

I had made mention in some previous posts, that I have some projects in the works and I definitely do... The first one I will tell you about is my kitchen. Here we have a hunk of brown called cabinets....

And here we have some more.... When we first visited the house, we both agreed that the kitchen was not the highlight. The space was used poorly, the kitchen was very long, with nothing but linoleum to show for it. From first sight we knew we were putting in an island....

And now viola! Just kidding, I wish. This is my goal for end results. I actually snagged this picture from Our Humble Abode after reading one of her older posts on painting her kitchen white.

I literally, wrote to her right away to get some advice and within less than 24 hours had gone to Home Depot and gotten all the supplies needed to beautify my kitchen. I was taking off the cabinets, before I even took "before" pics.

I only asked my hubby to help paint the cabinets white, but after showing him a few pics. He was sold on changing the countertops. We had seen a cheap way doing granite pieces that fit together on a few DIY shows and decided, at some point soon. We'll do that too.

So, we've been painting in all our spare time. And we are actually done, but waiting til after our vacation next week to put the doors back on.
I will go more in depth on how we did this on a later post.
As I just mentioned, we are vacationing in Iowa next week for a family reunion, but I'll be back in action soon enough. Peace and Paint!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Where we're at continued.

Upstairs media room has all our "old" furniture. By old I mean pretty much every piece of furniture from our apartment fits in here... pathetic, I know.

This room could possibly give the appearance of being done (possibly)

Until you see it from the other view... Yes, it's been like that for 2 months. :(
But we are getting a new TV and apparently a tv stand that will fit in that little cubby, soon enough. Til then we're working with this.

This is the guest bath. This bathroom was gold, so obviously we've worked alot on it so far, with our turquoise, brown and white theme. Picture doesn't do it justice...

But then there's this huge gaping white wall, I'm not sure what I want to put there. I'm thinking an ocean pic.

And last but not least our pathetic blank long upstairs hall.... I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE something like this from one of my favorite blogs All Things Thrifty, but seeing how I have no children something like that will have to wait a few years.

In some ways I love that I have a blank canvas and in other ways I feel completely overwhelmed and inundated by ideas and things I want to make happen. I have like a million blog ideas saved. But for now we take it one project at a time... Like the one I will reveal soon that we've started on...
For Now! Au revoir

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where we're at now

So, I know some of you might be thinking. Hello, you've been living in your new house for almost 2 months now, where are some photos.
And that's a good question. Up to this point, I haven't posted any because our house is nowhere near done. Part of the reason we're nowhere near done is because we went from 850 sq ft. to 2600 sq. ft and we had nothing and another reason is because it takes $$$ to create a something out of nothing.
Not that we don't have any $$$, we do and we have actually spent alot, I know we paid Home Depot's light bill last month. But as first time home buyers we qualified for the tax credit this year and we have been irritably patiently waiting for it to come. A package from the IRS did come... Actually 4 weeks ago. It came to tell us we didn't sign some paperwork. Not exactly the envelope I was hoping for... so we signed sent it off and started waiting again. But, we're trying to be good... So, instead of spending our savings or using credit we want to use the tax credit. However, since the waiting game seems to have no end. And even when we do have our tax credit, things won't come together over night. I've decided to show you where we're at so far. And then I will also be able to do before and afters when all is said and done. Plus, in my waiting I've started some other projects. More on that later.
So, here is our place. Our in the middle place...

Cute, but no color..

Second view...

We might be missing a rug here folks...

Attack of the color brown. The chairs are like, "can I have some pillows please?"

I think there should be a couch there. Right?

Usually people have a coffee table and side tables with a couch right?
Don't look at those books still on the floor. They are waiting for a shelf, they don't want to be judged. :P

So, that's only a few rooms, but I will post the other ones soon. Along with, a kitchen project we've started on... Stay tuned. And pray for our tax credit to come. Seriously, it couldn't hurt. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I made that

What do you guys think? Cheesy or cute?
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