Friday, January 21, 2011

Feature Friday

My best friend described this space as the perfect mix between masculine and feminine. I agree. It should feel that way because Jake picked out the furniture and bedding. Soon, I will add to this post a picture of our new rocking chair. Jake picked that out too. :) If you know the story, you know why I'm laughing right now.

I picked the art, lamps and flowers, the girly stuff of course. We escape in this space and I love that.

Wall art by Vol. 25 from Etsy. Loved her stuff.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

M to the A to the C

Thanks to my hubby for tree farming all Christmas long cause now I have one of these shiny babies. What's really funny is 4 years ago when I used to blog on myspace, I have a post with the exact same title when I got my first mac. Here's to the first of many.

Monday, January 17, 2011


It's funny because this last Saturday night at church, I was talking with some 3rd graders about the Israelites, and we were talking about how different they lived from us and one of the girls said, "I know they didn't even have cell phone then". And it's true they didn't. But it just shows how FAR they really are from understanding how different the world used to be (and can still be in other parts of the world now). I wanted to say they didn't have cell phones OR houses made from wood or bricks, or grocery stores or bathrooms or even clean water. It's very hard to communicate the past when we live so radically removed from it.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day and I personally have always loved MLK. I think the stand he took for racial equality, for nonviolence, for peace, for change, he was so before his time (which is why he got killed) because people weren't ready for it. But I also think it was so reminiscent of Jesus, who was also a radical for peace and justice. However, back to this weekend because that's what got me started on thinking about how the kids I work with really have no clue about where we've come from (even when they've heard stories all their lives from the Bible). So, they've heard stories all their lives about the Bible and most can't tell you who the Israelites are (the people that are the stars of the show for the entire book). How much less is the Civil Rights movement, and Martin Luther King Jr. talked about. You might think it's talked about in school, but at least when I was teaching it seemed if there wasn't a paragraph about him in some practice test, then you probably didn't learn about him, because social studies is a dying art.

This was only 50 years ago. The pain and hurt of those times linger on because a lot of the injustice continued to occur within my lifetime and in many places it still does. And yet many children/teens don't even why there was ever pain to begin with. We can only be agents of change, if we know what's happened. I know we can't teach our kids everything about everything, but knowing where we've come from, helps us know where we're going. So, if you didn't talk or read about MLK this year, do it tomorrow or this month and preserve the memory of a crusader who stood for truth, love and ultimately Christ.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Feature Friday

Quite awhile back I asked what you thought of my yellow rug in this post . I told you I would give you a picture of the rest of that room soon after and in a few random posts you might have caught a glimpse, but I really never posted anything. But for the next few weeks I have decided to do something fun, I am going to do a Feature Friday and show you a few of the rooms in my house, that I have been working on. I will say, no room is done, but some are getting closer. So, here is my entry/sitting/dining room for all to see.

The room is big and my camera doesn't have a wide angle lens, so I can't catch the whole thing. But you get the idea.
It's nothing magical, but it's becoming home. See you next Feature Friday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Best of 2010

I know 2010 is good and gone, so I wanted to remember it before it got too far away with a few of my favorite things about it.

#1 Jake and I bought our first home, and this was the first picture I took when we pulled in the driveway.

#2 Two of my best friends from Texas came to visit me. One in San Diego and one in New Jersey. That's a lot of love for a friend to come to Jersey. :)

I got an awesome job at a church, and I get to look at things like this all week long. "Let the children come to me"

We repainted our kitchen cabinets, re-tiled the floor and bought an island. My kitchen is almost pretty now.

We got to see our family and precious nephews and of course document it with a picture!

And this last photo actually took place on January 3rd, but the action happened in December, my hubby made 1st class in the Coast Guard. Good job baby!

So many more things could be mentioned, but if I mentioned them all, these wouldn't be the best now would they?
Happy 2011!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Is it really 2011?

Happy New Year!
I know I'm totally lame for not posting for like a month, but I was busy people....
We visited Florida over the Christmas holidays and I will post a few pictures from that soon. We spent some time with our adorable nephews and it was a nice retreat from daily life.
Now, I am back at work and back in action. We are painting, organizing and prepping for the small group we will host for our church starting next week. And of course I've been spending LOTS of unnecessary time on my new MacBook Pro simply because it's new. Lots to post soon.
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