Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, Jake and I celebrated our official 3 year anniversary a few weeks back.

We of course had to keep up our annual tradition of cupcakes. While I wanted to go to several places, my buddah belly doesn't need any extra help growing so we just went to one local place Bake Works and everything we tried was delish.

We then went to a super old and locally famous restaurant The Knife and Fork Inn in downtown Atlantic City, it's like an old 3 story house looking place. Jake ordered a 2 lb lobster and me a steak, planning to share but when they brought it out they put the lobster in front of me.
It was so big people were staring, so I told Jake I was keeping the lobster, even though he ate most. :)

The next day we drove a few miles to hit up our local Pennsylvania Dutch Amish Farmer's Market. Jake bought a pound of candy and I bought a bookshelf, (to be seen later).
While I shopped Jake did this...

He supposedly had lost all his energy because he needed to eat. So, we ate local Amish food and the restaurant owner convinced Jake to come back for some pig roasting party??? If we attend I'll let you know about that later. Happy to enjoy some alone time, before that all dies. I'm not in denial, I know it will. So, we soak it up while we can. :)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, next week I will be 20 weeks (halfway) and also find out the sex of the baby. I know it's just "nesting" but I feel like I've done jack diddly...oh wait I have done jack diddly and need to get my butt in gear. Seriously though, the next few months have a lot in them, so I know I need to get moving while I can still move and bend with ease.
- What we have done:
Prime the nursery to white, so we can paint.
Buy nursery furniture (some) we have a crib and dresser.

Ok that's it. That's the end of my list. Yes, I know there's only 2 things on it. :) Which is why I need your help. I know if I choose some baby bedding, it will really spur me to get the ball moving with the rest of the room and where I want it to go. So, if you read my blog, but never comment please lend your opinion on this one.
I am going to post some girl fabrics and ideas I like and then some boy, please comment on your favorite girl and boy pattern to help me decide.

Girl: (the first 4 are fabric options if I picked my own from etsy)
Option 1- I like B,D,E

Option 2- I,J, M???

Option 3- I like A,D,E

Option 4- A,B and maybe a solid color?

Option 5

Option 6

Option 7

Option 8

Option 9

I know that's alot of options, but that's why I'm asking for your help.

Boy: I only have a few cause I kind of know what I like.

Option 1 (ABC- so cute)

Option 2 (minus the animal quilt, take the bedding and add surf theme)

Monday, April 4, 2011

16 weeks

Since I live a million miles from everyone I love. Every few weeks, I'll post a picture with my growing status. Here I am today at 16 weeks (17 on Wed).

Of course my two morning shots

Little baby.

And then of course I have to post a pic after dinner, cause that's when my little friend really decides to reveal herself (himself).

Don't worry for the time being, it will go back down in the morning. Not sure how long that will last. More to come.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Feature Friday

I know you all thought Feature Friday had all but died, because I didn't post anything for my entire first trimester, but it hasn't. With the return of sunshine and my energy, I want to continue showing you a few rooms. Today I'm featuring our upstairs TV/game room. The photos aren't great, cause I lost my camera charger and used my iPhone, but you get the idea.

Here's the before

And here's some of the after
Alot of the stuff is the same, but with new paint and decor, I think there is a different feel.

Our old dining table acts as a game or tv dinner table.

Jake also ripped out a bar thing the previous owners had put in, we'd like to maybe put a window seat with book shelves in that area. We will see.

Nothing special, but here is the opposite view and our game closet.

I wish the lighting were better, cause I got this lamp at Target awhile back and I just love it. It seems so shiek to me. Jake and I are going to get a nice camera this year before the baby comes and someday, I might have to update these pics.

I love this piece of art as well, also from Target.

This room aside from the kitchen is where we spend a lot of time, so I like that it's still livable.
A little paint goes a long way! :)
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