Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camping- Preggo Style

Jake and I have wanted to go camping as long as we've been in Jersey, but you really have to go between like May and September for the weather to be appropriate. Obviously last year we were barely getting settled in and this year I'm pregnant. However, I told Jake, "let's just do it...this weekend" cause I know I have a really busy summer until like August, and well then I may look and feel like a beached whale, so strike while the iron is hot....

So, we started calling around, found the only campsite that would take us for only one night (me working on the weekends crowds into the timing too) and booked it.
The place we camped was really nice, aside from sleeping in a tent, I wouldn't exactly say we roughed it. We have enough nice camping gear to cook and do what we want, and this place had bathrooms a jaunt away. Then down the street they had the coolest little shops, the whole place kind of looked like elf cottages, so we did that and one of my friends met up with us too.

Our little tent home

Aside from waking up to "squat pee" approximately 5 times that night- it was a nice little getaway.
Please excuse my frizzy hair, I had a hard time justifying getting "ready" to go camping, but later when I saw the camera I remembered why Southern girls are supposed to always have their "face on".

My other second home. :)

Elf Village

S'mores-ing it up. Half the reason I go camping.

The reason I might possibly look like a beached whale in August. Roasted marshmallows.
Since I gave Jake a firepit for Father's Day, I've made them at home too.
Tsk,tsk I know.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

28 weeks

I forgot to hold up my cute lil' 28 weeks sign, so I might have to take another to keep my flow going.
However, I did take a few photos Wednesday night that show my 7 month pregnant belly. It's funny cause most days I get "you're so tiny" still, but after someone says that inevitably someone else says something like, "wow, you've really grown" or "you're getting big" or "you're about to pop".
This simply leads me to believe that noone really knows what it looks like to be pregnant at any stage, cause every person looks different at their own stage anyway.
Though I will say I think both my sis-in-laws were tinier than this at 7 months.
Here's my kickin' little Keaton poking out. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Time

As mentioned in my last little cupcake post we visited North Carolina for Memorial Day weekend and had a fabulous time with Jake's brother/my cousin (they are married) and their two kiddos. One of whom just graced the world with her presence on Mother's Day weekend, Ms. Ella Morgan. It was so nice to be near family and Jake and I got a little baby practicing in too. We did some serious eating, baking and hanging out.
Here are a few pics from our fun time! Love you guys.

Uncle Jake and Ella, his hand is half her tiny.

Little man Aiden

Ella Pondering... Actually Jake was very proud, he propped her into this position. :)

Cute as a bow.

The only picture we took together all weekend. :)

Just the beginning of summer fun...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rootbeer cupcakes

A few months back, I saw a post on another blog for rootbeer float cupcakes. The idea got in my mind and settled there and would not leave. When I finally decided I had to have them (hmm...pregnancy craving?) I could not find root beer extract/concentrate anywhere. So, we hit up one of our local farmer's markets and I blogged about that here and luckily they had just the product. So, when some of our friends visited from Texas a few weeks back (I just now realized, I never blogged about their trip here, woops), I just had to make them. We were so impatient in wanting them, we ate them hot out of the oven with the icing practically dripping off, and they were UH-mazing.

The thing about the recipe is... it only makes 12. Which for my pre-pregnancy waistline is a good thing, but when sharing with friends they disappear like hotcakes. So, since I had to give so many away, I decided to make them again when we visited N. Carolina last week (blog to come on that soon).
So, here are just a few pics of these interesting little cakes and please use the recipe from HowSweetEats to make your own set of 12. The first time I put a little extra extract and I think it might have been better, but it depends how subtle you want the "hint of rootbeer" to be, regardless add them to your baking to do list.

I also did not add the hot fudge on top because I was too impatient, but I'm sure it was a nice addition. XO Cupcakes and Love

Friday, June 10, 2011

Feature Friday

As soon as Jake and I moved in we knew we wanted to change the backyard to include a concrete slab. We both love to be outside in the summer, sit on the patio and of course grill, and it's just really hard to do all that in grass. So, after much debate as to whether we should Do It Ourselves or hire out, we hired out, because on this project the cost was only a little more, and the labor was obviously WAY easier.

Here is the before

And here is the after- soon a little firepit will be out there too (but shh don't tell cause it's Jake's "father's day present")

Look how much greener the grass is... that's all Jake, he's obsessed. :)

Early this spring we also planted some rose bush bulbs in the backyard. We did this because I LOVE roses and the ground is really acidic here, so they actually grow quite well. Three of the bushes have taken and one is still sitting angry and lonely (aka near dead). However, one of the bushes actually gave a full on huge bloom this last week (sadly, I didn't catch a photo of it). However, it was really cool for the first season of planting, cause they say you don't normally get blooms. I can't wait til next spring for some real blossoms.

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