Wednesday, August 24, 2011

36 weeks-- 9 months-- 3/4 a year--- a Long time.

So, I know I'm terribly untimely at these posts. But it's harder than you think to remember to take a picture within a specific week, (since I have to look half decent and Jake has to be home to snap the shot)-- and then upload the picture within that week and then post the picture within that week. However, I digress... this is me in all my pregnant glory. Somewhat sarcastically said. :)

Honestly, I still feel great and I know I look pretty good, but this belly is really something, much rounder from last month it's no joke
(Take a look)

... and I still have possibly 3 or more weeks to go, so we will just have to see how all this all turns out.
I am very excited, but I can't say that I am ready to be a mother either (in my heart yes, but not in the actual present). :) I am completely happy with this little booger just cookin' a way in there. He and I have spoken he knows he's not allowed to celebrate his birthday til at least September 11th and he agreed.
Isn't he sweet? I thought so too. :)
For now....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Featured- And feeling fancy!

I finally got caught up in my google reader. And when I did, I realized I was featured on Just a Girl Blog. Just a Girl hosts Show and Share parties, where people can link to projects they've been working on and I linked the dresser we refinished. Sometimes 100's of people will link to what they've been working, but she featured mine. Which is pretty cool! I'll have to tell Jake since he really did all the work. I mean finding those handles was hard work, but he did sand the thing for like a week. :)

Here's to hard work!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nursery Reveal

I uploaded Keaton's nursery onto Project Nursery. A design site that I got loads of inspiration from in my early stages of planning. I was even on the front page for a wee bit when I first uploaded it.

This is a website that if the topic interests you-- you could literally waste hours clicking through each post seeing each person's own creativity. So, here is the link to "Keaton's Cool Space" and of course you don't have to vote, but you can if you wanna. :)

While, I totally love the room that I created for him, I find that it's rather simple compared to many of the other nurseries on there, and yet that's kind of what I love about it too. I don't know what toys or books or things he'll like, so why crowd his room with such things until I know. A few more things have yet to be added, but that's the jist-- Being done, reminds me how close his arrival truly is.
Enjoy and Lots of Nursery Love!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Feature Friday

I know you all got a tiny nursery sneak peak in the little pregnancy shoot Jake and I did the other day, but I'm not quite ready for the final reveal.
However, one thing that has been ready for quite a while is the DIY art that Jake and I made for above the changing table.
I got the inspiration originally for a barnwood art piece from All Things Thrifty Blog and then began looking around pinterest etc for similar ideas. I asked Brooke at ATT where she got her barnwood and she let me know that someone just gave it to her.
Jake and I were not so lucky, we even went driving around asking people that had old stacks of wood on their property, but no one would donate to our little project.

I decided we would just distress some wood instead. So, we literally bought brand new wood with the intent of making it look old. Jake banged it up (his favorite part) and then we stained it.

We then had to decide what to put on it-- Jake of course wanted the Plato quote, "of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable", but I wasn't quite feeling that. :) So, I kept looking til we found the quote we finally chose.

However, since I don't own any type of vinyl making contraption, which is how my inspiration project made it's quote-- I had to look around on the internet for where to purchase affordable vinyl.
I seriously got several quotes over $50 dollars and then one beautiful price quote for $27 from an etsy dealer. He literally had a proof for me to look at within an hour, and I received it 2 days later.

The only thing left was to apply it. And here it is!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photo Shoot

Awhile back I blogged about how we got a new camera to take better pictures of our baby, family and the years to come.
Well, Jake totally took to the instruction booklet with more vengeance than myself. I know how to use the auto feature and that's about it. I told Jake I wanted to try and take a few "pretty pictures of me being pregnant" and he was totally up for the challenge. As mentioned in that previous post, if you spend enough $ on a purchase, it can easily cross over into the "man toy" category as this purchase did.
Anyway, after I mentioned this to Jake, he totally tried to start spotting places that would be a good backdrop for photos. I knew I wanted to take a few at home, but we ended up at the local apple orchard near our house. After asking a few local neighbors, we got the OK to shoot and had a lot of fun.

This was the day before 35 weeks, so I know I have a huge round belly, but I still have a few weeks to go.

Monday, August 8, 2011

K tutorial

On Pinterest a few months back I saw this letter k, that someone had posted.

Pinterest of course let's you follow a picture to the link of where it was posted. I knew that many people have used a site craftcuts for a lot of similar projects, but when I looked in their font collection, I didn't see anything that matched this. So, I asked the author of the blog and she kindly wrote back and told me someone had made it for her several years before.

So, my next obvious choice was to go to my very own "make it" guy and see if he could do something similar.
My handy hubby had a good idea for how to make our very own k as seen below.

First find the font you want. I, of course wanted mine to be similar to the one featured.
We then printed the letter to the size of a full sheet of paper. Jake then took that sheet and had it blown up at Staples, to 2 feet tall- the size I wanted my k to be.

Next, Jake purchased some mdf board at Home Depot and "traced" the letter with an exacto knife to leave an imprint on the board.

He then cut out the letter using his jigsaw, I wasn't home when he did this, but I can imagine that it took much precision and care. He had extra mdf, just in case he messed up. He didn't need it though. :)

Here is the letter cut out.

We of course painted it, and got some hardware to hang it on the wall. Here is the final look. Pretty close to the inspiration idea, if I do say so myself.

More full room pics, (so you can see this in perspective) will be coming very soon.

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