Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, this funny thing happened. My child didn't come on his due date... last Wednesday incase you haven't heard. Or near his due date, he actually still hasn't come as of yet... it's Tuesday ( and since I pretty much have some contractions all the time, I just tell everyone I'm always in labor, though right now I'm having some pretty good ones, so you never know). :) However, the point of the story is nesting, so let me get there. See the thing is I'm a planner by nature-- I cannot always comment for the execution of my plans, but I have them. And on large issues (such as having a child, I usually finish them in a timely manner). So, as for being ready to have a baby- I was good and ready by about 39 weeks. And I can definitely now say, I am ready in areas I never even intended to be, since he's pretty much a week late.

But even though I'm good and ready, the nesting instinct will not go away... So, I've been baking (like a fat person) seriously.... I was baking around 39 weeks because I was starting to run out of things to do- I had made cakes, homemade cinnamon rolls, cookies, the list goes on. But last Wed/Thursday I had light timely contractions for like 16 straight hours and thought I might be on the edge of labor... so I of course decided to bake some more to take my mind off things and because I read a few blogs that say baked goods can help make the nurses be more friendly to you. So, I made cookies with full intentions of giving them to the nurses.

Needless to say my contractions failed to bring about a child, so I had a large batch of chocolate chip cookies, and after 3 days when I had yet to go into true labor- they went into the freezer, because noone likes stale CCC. However, since the cookies weren't technically for me, I decided I needed to make a recipe I found on pinterest. Dark chocolate orange coconut haystack things minus the almonds and yes these were for me. These are so right up my ally and they were easy to make and delicious.

But then I decided Jake really needed a dessert that I could freeze that he could he eat post baby. So, last night I made the thing he's been begging me to make. Pumpkin Whoopie Pies Amish style. After we visited Amish country last month Jake has been talking about them, so I found a recipe and last night at like 9 pm I started baking them. I used a different filling recipe, one that seemed more true to the way they make them in Lancaster. And while I had a few licks last night as I made them, I did not have a whole pie. I asked Jake before he went to bed, how many he wanted me to keep out, and he said 2. So, I kept out 2 for him and 1 for me. I did not even set them all together.... and when I woke up this morning ALL 3 WERE GONE. He had taken them to work. I about freaked out, I text him right away and he just blew it off with the whole "oh I thought they were all for me routine". I somehow played it cool despite the fact that I am 10 months and 1 week pregnant and was definitely eating that for part of my breakfast (the unhealthy part), but the point of the story is not whoopie pies--- though Jake said he shared them at work and people said it was the best thing they'd ever tasted.
The point is nesting.... you can do it all or you can do nothing, and you will still HAVE to find something to do. I definitely have more things in my freezer than I've ever had before. I just think it's crazy how God made hormones and the body work to give such surges of energy to complete tasks. I just hope some of that carries over post baby.

And I hope this baby comes soon, because the last thing I need is another batch of dessert, but if he doesn't come soon- I know I'll start making something. So, here is to IMMINENT labor (please), amazing hormones, and whoopie pies.
And a tiny bit of belly, I couldn't quite get out of the photo. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


I know my blog has suffered friends, but in addition to being crazy busy at work the past 2 weeks, I also have no pictures and therefore nothing to blog about... I mean not really nothing, I've been pregnant for 10 months tomorrow- I should have some things to say... but since I can't even think about what they are...
I leave you with this...
I know I look frazzled in the last photos, but I like it because it's true to my state of being... as I anxiously await the biggest change of my life ever. And yet I'm excited because these photos bring me one week closer to him.

P.S. can we talk about how huge my belly is from 38 on, seriously...
Click to enlarge the image- it's more fun that way. :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lancaster, PA

Last weekend, Jake had several days off and I asked him to take me on a short little jaunt over to Dutch-Amish country in Lancaster, PA for a babymoon. Jake scoffed at the idea and said no. However, the next morning he woke up with a greater sense of adventure and said if we could scratch the word babymoon, he wanted to go.
So, literally we're planning a day trip in like 10 minutes before we set off to go. It ended up being a great time together, and the local countryside was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I wish I had taken better pictures of their local life, but we didn't. It was so cool to see every single farm house with their laundry out drying on the line. The roads were literally filled with buggies, horse and poop along the sides, and Jake and I stopped for a few treats. Here are the few pictures I did take.

The town is very famous for Smorgasbord restaurants where you eat as much as you want, but you share it family style with people around you, maybe even people you don't know. But since it was lunch and I'm pregnant- we opted for a regular dine in, however at every table they had homemade butter and applebutter, and you can see that Jake here set no limit for his butter intake.

I ate their traditional shoofly pie, a pie that is made completely out of sugar- seriously...

And as you can see the baby and I liked it alot!

Later that day we drove by someone's farm and saw this sign... We just pulled right up to their house- I was slightly concerned about this scenario, but as we got closer to their farm- lots of other people were actually there too.

They had a little baby calf for people to pet.

And the most amazing fresh lemonade and rootbeer. The rootbeer wasn't exactly to my liking cause you could actually taste the root almost, but Jake loved it. They had their kids selling it out of the barn, and you could even buy it in half gallons, it was pretty cool.

We ate, shopped, walked, drove-- the area goes on for several towns, so you kind of have to drive to get around, but it was the best little impromtu babymoon day-trip we ever did have. :)
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