Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blue Ombre Cake

So, a few posts ago I showed a few pics of a cake I made for a baby sprinkle. Well, several people have asked me how I made it. So, I figured I'd blog about it, and then just direct them here.

Let me start off by saying this recipe is easy and not easy at the same time. It's easy because I used a box mix for my cake (which is actually my personal preference for white cake) and it's not easy because it's still a 5 layer cake, that needs to be cut and stacked efficiently to look pretty.

2 boxes of white cake mix, made to direction

I measured 1 and 1/2 cups into five separate bowls for the layers

I knew I wanted the bottom layer to be white, so I colored the four other layers with Wilton's icing gel color. I started with one toothpick of gel for the lightest and increased to my preference from there.

This is all 5 layers stacked. I cooked each layer. They cooked fairly similarly since it was the exact same amount, but I still cut the tops off with a serrated knife for a more even look. I then put a little icing between each layer, and then began my crumb coat next.

If you've never done a crumb coat, basically you cover the cake in icing and then refrigerate it for 30 minutes, all the crumbs get stuck in that coating, so you can frost again and it will be clean and smooth looking.

After that I just frosted again with a swoopy motion to get a kind of cloud effect. My scrap book sign attached to a dowel actually goes through the cake on each side to give it some support. I didn't really think it would fall over, but we were traveling in the car...

Here is the inside, so fun! I hadn't actually seen it until we cut in, so it was a surprise for me too.

I used Wilton's Buttercream Frosting as my frosting. It was actually not my first choice, it's my "go-to" buttercream because it's very easy and has a great consistency for spreading, but I actually tried to make my very first Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting that was suggested in my model cake. She actually only made a Swiss Meringue, I got to that step perfectly and it was beautiful, but it was a little too light and sweet for my taste, so I decided to go to the next step and add butter. Needless to say, it was a disaster. I read every tip in the book to get it to come back together, keep beating, refrigerate, add more butter. I probably beat it for 30 minutes and it just kept separating. :( See pic below. So, I used my ole' trusty recipe in a pinch, but I wish the other had worked out. I will tackle it again sometime, cause now I HAVE to make it and succeed. But regardless it was LOTS of fun to make, and actually if my SMB frosting had worked out, this project probably would have seemed even easier, but making two frostings is a kick in the pants. Stink, now I'm hungry for cake!
Enjoy and lots of love for baby Caleb on the WAY!

The sad remains. :( Yes, that is supposed to be frosting. Boo.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Arugula... Let me count thy ways

I know I've been going a little overboard with the Keaton posts.
So, I decided to get back to a food post, something I haven't done in awhile.
This post will be about arugula, that nutty, peppery herb lettuce that I have blogged about before and that I am semi (only semi) obsessed with. :)

Yes, arugula let me count thy ways... if you haven't tried arugula please do, and then let me know what you think.
Seriously though, when I am searching for new recipes, if it says arugula in the title it catches my eye, if I even kind of like the other ingredients then we try it.

Today, we will talk about my top 5 favorite arugula recipes.

1. Grilled arugula and proscuitto pizza. The next time you even think about grilling make this, it's fantastic!

2. Mushroom and Arugula Quesadillas I blogged about these before, as you can see from the previous recipe- I love arugula and proscuitto together, DELISH!

3. Peppery Pasta with Arugula and Shrimp

4. Grilled flank steak salad on arugula (For this one, I linked a similar recipe to the one I have. The recipe I have I snipped from a magazine some years ago, it's very similar except there are no nuts, and you serve the salad on top of garlic bread. Can you say delicious?

5. Meat boats and arugula salad I know SmittenKitchen has another name for that recipe, but that's what we've always called it, when you use a bit of the sauce to mix with lemon juice and put on the arugula, it's heaven!

I'll just finish by saying, we had an arugula salad (similar to the one in #5) when our family was in town. They all could not believe the deliciousness of arugula. So, now you must go try it yourselves and tell me what you think. :)

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rudolph the Red Cheeked Baby

I know Christmas has come and passed, but these cute little photos never got posted...
So, here's to spreading Christmas cheer all year long, even in January. :)

I can suck my thumb

I can be serious

I can lift my head

Now, enough with the pictures mom.

Monday, January 9, 2012


I know I mentioned pinterest awhile's virtual bookmarking site, where you can pin things you want to go back to-- it's also a source of constant inspiration as you are able to view the things your friends are "pinning" as well.

I stumbled upon the most beautiful cake one day, and I knew that I just had to make it.

Here is the photo that seriously made me giddy with delight at it's colors and beauty.

It's been awhile since I've done any baking posts, but that's just because I've been too busy to blog about, not because I haven't been baking....

When one of my friends decided to throw an impromptu baby sprinkle for another friend, I asked if I could make the cake.... I decided I would try my hand at the above cake, but with blue tones instead of pink, because well, she's having a boy. :)

So, here is my rendention. What do you think? PLEASE ignore the terrible lighting and photos. (It's winter, there's no natural light and our Nikon charger is temporarily broken, so good photos weren't happening).

But you get the idea!

My pictures aren't pretty like hers, but that cake it still looking pretty good.
Full story to come soon. I love baking, and pinterest and babies (oh and cake)!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The many faces of Keaton

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I took these with my iphone, no editing just good natural light. Love that boy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

At 3 months

You are just too cute for words.
You laugh
You smile
You melt my little heart.

You are becoming quite the chubber in the facial area, neck rolls and all, but those legs are still toothpicks.

You are more relaxed and happy than ever.

You might love your daddy, more than you love me (if he had boobs, this would be a definite yes) but since he doesn't we probably tie.

You are still a good little sleeper, I feel terrible for skipping that parental rite of passage because I haven't had insomnia since those early weeks.

You are starting to like to cuddle a bit more.

And you love it when I read to you, you seem genuinely interested in books. You stare at those pictures with much thought.

I fight you everyday to make sure you don't become an official thumb sucker. You still love your pacifier, but seeing how you can't always find it to put in your mouth, the thumb keeps creeping in...

You love your room the most, and I love this because I made it just for you...

That last pic isn't great, but he just looks like such a big boy sitting up all straight. And in his baby legs. So cute!

See last month here!
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