Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4 years already?

This past week another year came and passed, but not without an extra special night for just the two of us.
We went to one of our special restaurants who gladly accommodated all of my Keaton's crazy food needs. Then we went and saw the Hunger Games. Pure Bliss I tell you.

We sadly, did not have cupcakes, but that means I will have to eat double at the 5 year mark.

Yes, in our attack of the food only the fish head remains. :)

To many more!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Impromptu Lil' Photo Session

So, as of late I have being feeling kind of bad, at how little "quality" photos of Keaton I've taken (besides his monthly)- especially since we bought such a nice camera last year, for this purpose.

So, since my little guy is just as handsome as can be right now and because it's spring. We are totally "carpe diem-ing" and taking more pics. Here's our first go around. :)

I love you spring!

Monday, April 9, 2012

At 6 months

Well in case you missed it Keaton had his half birthday 2 weeks ago. We were on vacay in TX- so I didn't even give the lazy Facebook shout out, but I definitely know my baby boy is getting older. It makes me happy and sad, but since you can't "turn back time". I'm embracing all the fun things in the future for my bigger baby boy.

At 6 months

-You love your mama, then you love your dada, the rest of the world is pretty much "ehh" to you.

-You love your food. You are JUST LIKE DADDY, a fat boy in a skinny man's body. You will literally pinch me or pull food out of my hand if I'm not giving it to you and you want. (Yes, at 6 months- Daddy has witnessed).

- All day long you talk, babble, blow spit bubbles and say mama and dada.

-You completely mastered rolling back and forth whatever way you please, but you still don't love being on your tummy. I see it in your eyes, you want to go straight to walking, but mama's not letting that happen if she can help it.

-You are officially a wonderful sleeper. I will swear by the Sleep Easy Solution for all parents to at least try. I followed everything it said 100% and even on vacation you practically slept through the night.

- On the downside of this, you are absolutely addicted to your schedule. And you holler loud when you miss it.

- Mom got an exersaucer for $8 bucks at a resale. Best 8 bucks ever spent. Needless to say, you love it.

- Your two little teeth poke through so perfectly when you smile, I want to freeze frame the moments.

- You have become increasingly interested in the cats, grabbing and making faces at them. I love to see you become so aware.

- You understand a few baby signs, and I love to see you respond when I use them, obviously your favorite is "milk"- who'd have guessed.

- You always stop crying or fussing when I sing, "He's got the whole world in His hands". I love this.

- You are still allergic to life, or at the very least dairy, wheat, chocolate peanuts and well life.... (praying this is a phase).

I love watching you grow! Slow down little boy, slow down.

K has an Elvis lip sometimes, seen here- I love it!

See the 1st month all over again.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sleep Like a Baby

How do you make your little one sleep like a baby? It's so easy in the beginning, but then that self awareness increases and their eyesight gets better, and the teething starts. So, how do you do it?

- Well for one, I personally think your little one has to sleep in their own room in their own bed. Keaton is completely night weaned, but while on vacation last week, 2 nights he had to sleep in our bed, and he woke up like 3 times to eat.... He wasn't hungry, but his food was like 6 inches from his face, and whereas in his own bed he has room to work through stuff and get back to sleep, he doesn't have that freedom when so close to mom and dad.

So, each night Keaton gets one lotion rub down and fresh jammies. One round of Goodnight Moon. One goodnight feed. One soundmachine turned on. 5 pacifiers laid out around him. And a goodnight kiss. And sometimes it's right off to dreamland or sometimes it's play and scratch to wind down, but every night it's sleep. Our video monitor (which we originally didn't buy) is also invaluable, it allows you more freedom to not go in when they are "working through things" because you can see they are ok.

We read and applied all the wonderful tips in the Sleep Easy Solution and so now, our baby is sleeping like a baby. What strategies do you use??

Goodnight Moon
Pacifier =

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