Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sweetened Passion Tea

Ok, so I really wanted to do my own tutorial on this, because I've been making it like crazy, but I have been really busy to actually do this.

But it's so good, and I want you all to go and make it right now. So, instead of delaying a moment longer, I will just link to the tutorial I followed.

I don't frequent Starbucks often, but when I do go, I often get something decaffeinated. The reason being aside from the occasional coke, I don't really drink caffeine, so if I have a latte, etc. I get all jittery and I really hate that.
So, my cold drink of choice is usually sweetened iced passion tea or hot I'll get a vanilla rooibos tea latte. (I make it sound like I frequent Starbucks a lot) -- HA -- that was in my former life. But my order is still the same.

Anyway, the tutorial goes one step further and make Shaken Passion Tea Lemonade. I did buy Simply Lemon and tried the Lemonade, but for me the tea is where it's at.
So, boil Passion tea bags, cool and add simple syrup and BAM PRESTO, deliciousness.

So, check out this tutorial. Skip the lemonade and enjoy. Seriously this tea is so good. I drink the pitcher in like 2 days!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

With Thanks!

OK, I know I've had some serious lack of postings, but we all have seasons and this is just a season where blogging is not ranking very high for me.
But I have been "blogging" in some sense online since high school, so I promise I'm not quitting.

We had a great Thanksgiving with friends. We are so grateful to find friends that uplift us and take us in no matter where we've gone. Every holiday since we've lived in NJ, we have spent it with either our family who has come to visit or friends who adopt us for the day, and we are so grateful!

We did a 5k in the morning, neither of us are really in "running shape", so we power walked the first mile and a half, and then ran the second pushing Keaton. It might have been the first time Jake had ran in like 2 years, and definitely since I visited Italy for me, but since we had walked so quickly as our warm up, neither of us were really sore. But we had worked up a great appetite and that was the plan. Possible Thanksgiving tradition in the making? We'll see....

Here is a little photo collage of the day.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cray Cray in New Jersey

I'm sorry guys about the major lack of posting, but I've misplaced the cord that connects my camera and computer. So, that's my excuse, a likely one, but not very good.
And on that camera there are some good pics, from the pumpkin patch and the costume party we went to. So, maybe I'll just have to suck it up and order another one.
Anyway, things have been a bit cray cray around here if you know what I mean, (with the whole everyone on the northeastern coast has major freak out when a storm approaches thing).
And I'll admit the flooding was bad on the coastline.

That's a highway covered in water in Atlantic City.
Such times do allow people opportunities to ban together in times of need though. My church has totally done that allowing the local rescue mission to use our facilities.

But honestly, I've never seen so many people in panic mode as when they say the word "storm" here. Even the Coast Guard flew in other teams all the way from Savannah and when they got here. There was nothing to do. Nada.

Here we are the day after the storm, when hubby expected to be saving people based on the reports.

Instead it was playtime with K.

Speaking of, with all this time trapped inside Keaton has decided to try out his walking a bit more. So, very soon I think I'll have a true "toddle-er" on my hands. And it's a bit bittersweet if I do say so myself. Because of course when he's walking, I know things will get alot more crazy. And we have enough crazy in New Jersey. We don't need to add more. :)

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