Monday, December 30, 2013

Coast Guard Christmas

I don't often post much about the Coast Guard, but my husband is in it, AND actually just made Chief as a Rescue Swimmer. (Way to go babe!)

There are some people that are totally sold out to the Coast Guard and their whole life revolves around it, that is not us, but we do love the CG because not only does my hubby love his job (super important for men)., but they also have a really great community of people that no matter where you go, can instantly be friends and family for you.

A few weeks back, his work hosted their annual Christmas party for kids. Santa comes to visit, flown in on a helicopter and we had a great time. We are grateful for his fantastic job, and the friends it brings!

The kids all shriek with excitement, it's super cute!

  Keaton actually shook Santa's hand (and sat on his lap- without crying) this year!

Waiting for Santa to call us up for our gift!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beckham at 4 months.

My little Becks is actually 5 months next week, but I took these photos earlier in the month and I didn't want December to pass without documenting what a big boy he is becoming.
-This month we have sleep trained you and despite you having a ravenous nighttime appetite that your brother didn't have when we sleep trained him, you have learned how to put yourself to sleep successfully at nighttime and naps. (Still working on that eating at night thing).
- You still really like to be held, but every day you seem to be more content and just such a happy boy!
- You love your paci, and have fully mastered getting that thing in your mouth at your whim and pleasure.
-You still have some hot eczema, but I've come to except this is the fate of my children.
-Your bottom teeth have seemed to be on the cusp of popping all month, but you are still toothless (AND COVERED IN DROOL) for now.
-You really enjoy talking and being active with your hands, but you are pretty content to just hang where ever we set you, as long as you are close to the action.
- You haven't officially tried any food yet, but you are desperate to get down to business. Mom is trying to hold out til at least 5 months.
-You are sweet, fun, demanding, stubborn, content, the perfect playmate for your brother and addition to our little family.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beckham at 3 months

Ok, so that whole you'll get the shaft cause you're the second kid thing. There is some truth to it. :( Not because we don't love you, because we absolutely do! But it's true for a few reasons. 1. We're busy, mostly chasing your brother around, so we don't have time to take pictures of you in your "cuteness glory" and 2. All the little milestones are not quite as exciting the second time around. Though Keaton and I both gave you a good applause when you figured out how to roll over! But I'm trying to give you your fair share of glory, so here goes.

Beckham at 3 months is different than Keaton, but still so much the same.

- You love to talk, chatterbox, all day long. Keaton will say, "what's that?" And I'll say, "what is it?" and he'll say, "Beckham talking". Why yes he is.
- You do this cute little shrill/baby scream thing all the time. When you get excited mostly, but sometimes you just do it for fun.
-On Keaton's wall, I framed the phrase, "Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a super hero". I put it up when I was pregnant with you, and it's so fun because in your mind he's totally a super hero. You watch him all day long. You are perfectly content to just watch his antics.
-You are finally out of the newborn fussy phase. You've found your "chi" and I am thanking the Lord for that.
-You have been a pretty good sleeper from the very beginning, usually going 5-7 hours without waking on your first stretch, sometimes even longer. BUT, a huge but... You are cutting your first tooth and been all over the place on the sleep train the last few nights.
-That's right you are not even 4 months, and mommy can feel the tiny edge groove of one of your first teeth.
- You have figured out how to roll over a few weeks back. I didn't even practice with you, like I did with your brother, you just did it on your own. I guess that's why they call it a milestone, because baby's do it on their own, without Mom's help (we just like to think we help... but seriously that was all you cause I didn't even start doing tummy time with you until like 11 weeks, woops! ).  :)
- THE WEBB/STALL CURSE has followed you, you have pretty sensitive skin like your bro. You are one dry skinned baby, and I'm so sad this is the case for you. You're not quite the reptile your brother was, but it's still not good.
-You still love to be held and cuddled, perfectly content to nap in our arms.

I know I've said a few times I'm not that good of a newborn mama.... But it really does fly by. I'm so happy for 3 months to be here to see your sweet little personality come thru, but when I compare you to your brother, I know it goes fast. I don't want boys or teens. I want you both just the way you are, and I'll keep you this way as long as I can. The days can be long, but the years pass fast. So, it's ok if you want to stay little just a while longer, I'll let you be.

My sweet boy.
And here's your bro at 3 months, for comparison's sake. :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Keaton says the darndest things

This kid is so cool. The other day I walk into the play room, and he had put his beanie on, and pulled the blanket over him. He says, "I have my hat on". And he was just chillin' there. Really? Love it, so I had to take a photo!

So, this particular post is completely 100% for myself and Jake, and hopefully you get a kick out of it too. You see, that show "Kids Say the Darndest Things" was on to something, because my "just turned 2 year old" is so funny (at least to us) which is why I am documenting just a few of those things.

His most famous common phrases in the last month.
"Mom, I need a candy."
"Mom, I  think I need a marca" (marshmallow)
"Mom, I need some chocolate" or better yet, "Mmm, chocolate"

Is anyone noticing a trend here? Yes, my child was most recently been introduced to candy (thank you his birthday and halloween) and he has been commonly known to say one of these phrases when you go to get him out of his bed in the morning!

The other day, Jake was pushing his little hiney upstairs for bed and he didn't want to go. And I quote, "Daddy, don't push me. Thas not nice!" **misspelled on purpose

His imaginative play when talking to his animals is great. He told our baby doll, "ok baby, you don't hit, be gentle ok." (* He hasn't heard that a million times or anything).

We recently had bought cookie butter from Trader Joes, and we let Keaton try just a little bit. He kept saying, "mmm, I like this almond butter." Sorry kid that's not almond butter. Which he's also tried to the reply of,  "I don't like it."  And I'm not surprised because he's comparing it to cookie butter.  :)

I've previously mentioned his love for the use of "I know" when you should say yes. But tonight when doing our bedtime routine. After praying, I always tell him he's my special boy.
Tonight I said, "Are you my special boy? "I know."
Followed by, "Are you my boyfriend?  "I know." and it's just so sweet!

Ok last one, his general use of "thank you, you're welcome and I'm sorry" is hilarious across the board. But when we punish him, he's quick to reconcile, immediately saying "thank you mommy, kiss".  I'm not sure that's the most common reply. But we'll take it for now.

There's a million more, and I'll have to write them down again!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beckham at 2 months

So, my little guy, I really did want to say some things about your second month, but seeing how it's almost over, and I can't even remember what you were doing 4 weeks ago AND these photos are several weeks old. I am just going to post these photos and show how cute you are! Next week, I will be a good mommy and talk about all the fun things you are doing now. You are almost 3 months and you are changing everyday!


And for comparison's sake here is Keaton at 2 months. When you sleep I think you look quite similar still, but with his big ole' bald round head in these photos. I could never mistake you two. I love that you're different, but you're both my boys!
Don't worry B, next month I'm gonna talk all about you!

Friday, October 18, 2013

My "baby" is 2

So something traumatic happened 3 weeks ago. So, traumatic I couldn't even blog about it.
My baby. My "first" baby turned two. And honestly, even in these last 3 weeks, he's becoming less and less of a baby all the time. And I'm so happy to know him and see who he will be. But my little heart breaks that he's growing so fast. We had the pleasure to have Jake's parents near for 2 months, and so many times while being around his mom, I thought to myself, does she ever still think of Jake as her baby? Her "first" baby. When do we let go?
I don't know what it is about your first, but it's hard to let go.  But enough about me. Let's talk about him.
At two.
You are fabulous. Full of life and personality. Oh the personality.
You have a huge vocabulary, I don't know what's normal, but you're beyond whatever that is. In this way, I see myself in you, and I like it. But some of the things you say our just too darn funny. My favorite frequent quotes are, "I know" and "OK" as the answer for yes.
Used like this, "Keaton did you see that the sky is blue? " I know." (Ha) OR
Keaton is your favorite dessert marshmallows? OK. I know. :0
This has been recently followed by, "I don't like it."
Today in the car: "Mommy, I don't like to take nap." My reply: Umm, yes you do!
" I don't like this noodles " My reply: It's spaghetti, what 2 year old doesn't like spaghetti?
And everyone's favorite, "You come wif me" as he takes your hand to play.

                                                                      Being silly!
You are all boy. A wild man. You are a bully. You literally just walk up to kids you don't know (if you feel threatened, I guess?) and hit them in the face.  BUT You are such a good big brother, smothering Beckham with love. Kissing him all day long and body slamming him at your whim and pleasure.
You are too smart. (And you know it, when we talk about this, in front of you, you love it. Your ears perk up). But seriously, you can count to 10 (and you actually get what counting means). Identify all the letters of the alphabet that are capitals. Some of the letters in lower case. You know all your colors (more than the 8 basic primary ones).  You can identify a zillion animals and know all their sounds. You love to sing (this is kind of new). But you walk around all the time, "singing" little parts of songs that you know. Old MacDonald is still your fav, you are a sucker for farm animals.
                                                  He has one long hair. See it? I love it!

You are still a great eater, a great sleeper, and you are becoming a pretty good lover too, (wildly protective) of those you care about. I see a strong leader in you, but I also see someone that possess' great empathy. We talk about what you'll be when you grow up. So far the options we've settled on are veterinarian, worship pastor, leader of a great revolution or farmer. You still like farmer, I'm not sure why. :) You are two going on 10, but for now you love me and you take naps. So everything is good in my world!
Seen here taking the photo prop box and walking away. My little man!
My little K. My boy.

                                And the truest photo of all. Every photo shoot has some tears.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Feature Friday: A Tiny Room Makeover

A few posts back. I posted about Keaton's big boy room.
When Beckham was born he moved into Keaton's old nursery.
However, Keaton took a lot of the things we made just for him with him to his new room. So, Beckham got a few things to make the nursery extra special just for him.

Here it is...
 Keaton's wood art came down, and Beckham's name went up. Sorry I didn't edit these photos and there are weird shadows. :(
 The new theme is kind of flying things, after I found a super cool wooden airplane at Home Goods, seen below. So, I saw a tutorial for this on pinterest and we made our own.
View of the whole room. B got a new crib, cause Keaton took his with him.

 Our much loved book wall from Ikea picture displays.
The wooden side table that Jake made from an actual log from a walnut tree. I've had this for a while, but it wasn't posted in my original room posts. Which you can see here, if you want to see the differences.

I love spaces for Tiny People. In my life after kids, I will work for Land of Nod. Yes, please!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Keaton's 2nd bday

I love parties and we just had a great one!
We had Keaton's second birthday, which he LOVED! And it was a lot of fun. I know they say don't plan big parties for 2 year olds cause they get overwhelmed and don't remember them. But the joy on his little face was priceless. Having him talk about his upcoming birthday and then reminisce after it was over, was just great! He loved it, and I did too.

We did a Curious George theme. Curious Keaton Turns Two. I found such great inspiration on Pinterest. If you search Pinterest, I'm sure you'll find the same parties I did and hopefully you'll find my party too, because that's part of how inspiration is shared!
Side note* our frozen banana pops were a pinterest fail. They get mushy, if not immediately eaten. :(

 If you have never made this, it's SOOO good. Coconut oil, sugar, popcorn. Just do it!

Keaton finally figured out what "presents" were. He was in love!
- Everything was purchased at Party City, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Store, or Amazon. If you have specific questions please ask. All of our *dairy free, egg free* baked goods were made by me and my mother-in-law! Here is a link to my pinterest board to give credit to where I found my own inspiration. There were tons more pics of things we didn't capture, but I am one of those moms enjoying the party and forgetting to take photos ( I know that's not a bad thing)!. :)
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