Monday, December 30, 2013

Coast Guard Christmas

I don't often post much about the Coast Guard, but my husband is in it, AND actually just made Chief as a Rescue Swimmer. (Way to go babe!)

There are some people that are totally sold out to the Coast Guard and their whole life revolves around it, that is not us, but we do love the CG because not only does my hubby love his job (super important for men)., but they also have a really great community of people that no matter where you go, can instantly be friends and family for you.

A few weeks back, his work hosted their annual Christmas party for kids. Santa comes to visit, flown in on a helicopter and we had a great time. We are grateful for his fantastic job, and the friends it brings!

The kids all shriek with excitement, it's super cute!

  Keaton actually shook Santa's hand (and sat on his lap- without crying) this year!

Waiting for Santa to call us up for our gift!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beckham at 4 months.

My little Becks is actually 5 months next week, but I took these photos earlier in the month and I didn't want December to pass without documenting what a big boy he is becoming.
-This month we have sleep trained you and despite you having a ravenous nighttime appetite that your brother didn't have when we sleep trained him, you have learned how to put yourself to sleep successfully at nighttime and naps. (Still working on that eating at night thing).
- You still really like to be held, but every day you seem to be more content and just such a happy boy!
- You love your paci, and have fully mastered getting that thing in your mouth at your whim and pleasure.
-You still have some hot eczema, but I've come to except this is the fate of my children.
-Your bottom teeth have seemed to be on the cusp of popping all month, but you are still toothless (AND COVERED IN DROOL) for now.
-You really enjoy talking and being active with your hands, but you are pretty content to just hang where ever we set you, as long as you are close to the action.
- You haven't officially tried any food yet, but you are desperate to get down to business. Mom is trying to hold out til at least 5 months.
-You are sweet, fun, demanding, stubborn, content, the perfect playmate for your brother and addition to our little family.

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