Thursday, April 24, 2014

Embrace the Camera

OK, so truth out I hate posting pictures of myself. So quick to be critical of my appearance. My hairs too blonde, my bangs are in my face, I'm windblown, I'm squinting weird...
But one of the blogs I've read for a long time. The Anderson Crew has a thing she does called Embrace the Camera, where instead of just taking pics of your kids, you actually get in a photo with one of them. She's done it forever, and usually I just glaze by the idea. But there is some truth to it. What if God forbid, something happened to me, and my kids had 17,532 of themselves on my computer and none of us together. In a very weird and crazy way, they might not remember me at all, based on their ages. They would cherish the idea of me "embracing the camera". 
A beautiful photo of me snuggling them tight.
So, this post just got serious.... quick. I wasn't even meaning to go there.
But the point is the same, even when your kids become adults they will love to one day look back and see photos of you loving on them. We took some outside when Keaton was about this same age, and I still love those photos of us. So, yes these weren't planned. I just happened to have the camera out, and Keaton was napping and Beckham was awake, and my hair isn't perfect, and Beckham IS drooling. But we're together and that's the point. So, embrace the camera, one day your kids may be so happy you did!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Beckham at 8 months

So, I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I really love my babies post 6 months. Next time, I might just opt to skip the first 6 months and move right into the next stage.  (I kid, I kid).... But for real I just love right now. I can honestly say that personally I love babies 6-14 months old. They don't say no, throw tantrums, or have man sized poop, those 3 reasons are enough for me.
But like I said, I just really love this stage right now. We put B on a steroid cream for the itching and man alive, it has made a world of difference. I've only put it on 3 times this month, once each week and it does wonders to keep the itching away. It's not foolproof (see socks below), but if he's clothed he gets to be gloveless most of the time! Which allows Beckham to just really discover the world around him so much more. He's finally clapping, and rolling every which way trying to get around the room, not to mention sleeping through the night. It's been fantastic. On the downside he has been perpetually sick for the last month, I really feel like it's since I stopped nursing. This makes me so sad, because this was not the path I anticipated for him, but we just do the best with what we're dealt.

Beckham has such an easy going personality. Ready to give out smiles galore to anyone who wants. Rarely fussy and just so content to hang out while his brother plays and leads the way. He does still love to be held and close, but I wouldn't even really call him needy, because he's pretty happy even when he's not getting his way. I love the photo above because when Beckham smiles big he squints his eyes. This picture is so true to that. His face lights up, dimple pops out, and I melt!
Love you Baby B!

Standing like a big boy now!
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